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German courses

Small groups, communicative lessons as well as the friendly and pleasant atmosphere at our school will be a pleasure for you to learn German as a foreign language. Our qualified and engaging teachers put a special emphasis on using efficient and creative teacher methods while remaining flexible and open to the wishes and needs of our students.This provides an individualized learning process and helps you to improve your language skills quickly and successfully.  


How about learning English, Spanish, French, Italian or another foreign language? Your company is looking for business English lesson for its employees? Our  language courses take place in a relaxed and friendly learning environment. We teach effectively and interactively in small groups but also individually in individual tuition. 



Business German courses

Mastering the German language is an important factor to integrate quickly and successfully - not just at work but also in the private environment.

Our business German courses focus on either introducing the participants to the (business) usage of German or adding to their existing knowledge. The courses we provide are tailored to the company, the position and the individual goals of our course members. For non-native speakers it is not only important to be proficient in the German language but also to have a proper understanding of the German people, their way of working and their style of doing business.

We offer our language courses at our training centre in Bonn or on site at your location.

Our private language institute is adjacent to Bonn's main railway station and is only a few minutes' walk from the main buildings of University. We specialize in teaching German as a foreign language along with English, Spanish and French. 

Our qualified and committed language teachers welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the pleasure of learning a new language and will guide you through your individual learning process. We strongly believe that learning a new language should be fun. With this in mind we actively ensourage students to develop their conversational skills and to focus on their strenghts as they learn a foreign language.

No matter why you wish to learn a language - whether for professional reasons, if you are a student following a course study, or simply for the fun of it - we can offer a course for you. Just drop in for a chat! We will be pleased to see you. We can prepare you for any of the current language examinations, or, if you just want to improve your conversation skills, we can help you with that. 



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